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Why Should Your Website be Mobile Friendly?

Mobile is changing the way we live and complete our tasks. People are constantly tuned in their smartphones for planning their day, connecting with colleagues, friends and family and for checking news and making purchases.  As a startup or a small and mid-size company, you must have a mobile friendly website. Here are the top reasons why you need to have a mobile friendly website:-

Growth in Smartphone Sales

Smartphone sales have grown significantly over the years. 1.3B smartphones have been shipped globally in 2014. Consumers in the developing countries are using mobile more than desktops to connect to the internet due to cheap mobile internet tariffs.

Time Spent on Mobiles

As per 2014 data, Americans are spending more time on mobile than they do on televisions and laptops. They use mobile to view videos, browse the net and to shop among other things.

Location based Searches

1 in 5 Google searches are related to location. A study by Google reveals that 88% searches occur on mobile and these searches typically are for the nearest store or business, business hours, directions to a local store, local business or store address and product availability.

Searches for ‘nearby’ have grown 5x since 2011

Consumers now search for restaurants nearby, art galleries nearby, malls, stores and businesses nearby 5 times more than they searched in 2011. Increased use of smartphones and staying connected online around the clock has contributed significantly to this trend.

Consumers prefer Mobile Friendly Websites

74% of visitors were more likely to return to mobile friendly websites. Consumers use the internet to research extensively before making a purchase decision. They typically make these searches via various mediums – desktops or laptops in the office, mobiles while traveling and tablets at home. A consumer prefers a website that is always accessible no matter what device he or she is using.

Google’s New Algorithm

Google started rolling out a new update last week which focuses on mobile friendliness. The update is expected to go live in phases and would affect search results in a significant manner. Responsive websites would be given preferences in mobile search results. You may have the best product out there but if you don’t have a responsive website then you would lose out on the visibility


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