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Website Redesign: Let there be light!

With its domino effect, the digital revolution is rapidly changing the way we educate ourselves in our daily lives. In fact, it’s had an effect even on some of our daily habits, like newspaper reading over a cup of coffee. Today, news portals are threatening to put the newspaper industry to extinction some day in the near future. The trends have forced even an established media player like Newsweek to put an end to its print era and enter the digital age. Was it not the second largest news weekly magazine of the US? Well, call it the compulsion of the day, or the diktat of the new age, it’s better to move with the tide. There’s more to strategy and planning in the internet economy. If you are familiar with the old economy term “restructuring”, then you try and understand the inner workings of the web world and understand the need for timely “redesigns”. Don’t start panicking thinking about restructuring. The redesign game is slightly different. It’s done much before a crisis arises. Everyone’s doing it only to stay ahead in the web game. Even media and entertainment behemoths like Yahoo are doing it now. Now, the question is where do you stand in the midst of all this? Do you have a checklist to appraise your website’s performance so far? Have you been able to boost your web traffic and sales? If there’s some trouble on both these fronts, breathe easy. We’ll be there for you. Website Redesign Pros can arrest any downward trend that’s hurting you and turn it around to your greater benefit within a short time period. We’ll tell you what you need the most at the moment. Just switch on the lights in your life and pay attention. We’ll give you six reasons why Web Redesign is a dependable source of energy and light. 1. Be trendy It would be weird and crazy for a person from the 21st century to dress up the way we did in the ’60s. Stay clear of outdated technologies. Your website ought to be compatible with the latest browsers, helping even people using the old browsers make the switch through your site. Keep pace with the trends. Move on to the latest version of Firefox. Jquery is fast replacing Flash. Responsive web design is the in-thing. Being trendy is being lively. There is much more that you need to know about in terms of technological updation. That’s where Website Redesign Pros can help you understand the language of the internet geeks in the simplest ways. Hold our hands and stand the test of time. 2. Aesthetics Look at your website from an outsider’s vantage point. What’s their first impression? Does it really matter? Yes, it does matter if you do not want them to leave your site. The first few seconds that a person spends on your website is very critical. So, your goal should be to keep them engaged, making them ask for more. It’s not merely about catching the attention of the visitor, but also about converting the visitor into a daily user/consumer. To bring about this conversion, you need great designs, graphics, and colors. You also need to know your customers and their tastes. Who is likely to visit you? What would they want to see? They may want to see your portfolio. So, balance your aesthetics and content. Remember not to overdo anything. All you need is a professional facelift. That’s exactly what Website Redesign Pros does in the most economical way. 3. Navigation For a minute, forget that your website belongs to you and think of yourself as a first time visitor. See whether you can navigate easily. Is it easy to find the contact info or any other info you want? Or is any of the information hidden? Is it taking too much of time for you to access information? How organized does the page look? Are all your links in good working condition? Google can even downgrade your site if that isn’t the case. So, if there’s any hiccup in any of the steps mentioned above, it’s time for you to consider a facelift for your website. 4. Ecommerce Ecommerce means business trading through the internet. Ecommerce is highly essential in the commercial market today. With their successful Ecommerce models, Ebay, Dell, and Yahoo have made huge sales revenue, nudging other companies to follow their example. Time is money, and ecommerce platforms offer the perfect time-saving solution for both businesses and consumers. Transactions on an Ecommerce website happen in a few minutes. Isn’t that profitable? An Ecommerce website is also a cost-effective solution. The cost incurred on account of staff, maintenance, communications, and office rental can be substituted by a single cost, web hosting for the commerce business. Ecommerce also ensures better connectivity. As Ecommerce websites can be accessed anytime, anywhere, even from your home, they are preferred over brick and mortar stores. Have you made the crossover? Don’t worry if you haven’t. Website Redesign Pros can upgrade your website to an Ecommerce website at an affordable cost within no time. On the other hand, if you already have an Ecommerce platform, how is it working for you? Is your Ecommerce application capable of meeting all the requirements of your online store? Or is it limiting the possibilities of your business because it just cannot afford to handle one more feature that could perhaps double your business? Again, there’s nothing to worry. We can restructure your website and help you rake in the moolah. Remember, website redesign is the medium to make this crossover. 5. Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing allows businesses and websites to gain popularity over the internet by using different types of social media, such as blogs, videos, photo sharing sites, social networking sites, and social bookmarking websites. Do you have a Facebook or Twitter fan page? If not, there are many reasons why you should have these: 1. You can reach your target audience easily by making yourself more visible. 2. Social Media Marketing costs almost nothing but gives a high return on investment. That’s what all businesses are looking for. 3. It doesn’t require any technical knowhow either. Isn’t that wonderful? 4. Your users are more open to social marketing than online ad campaigns. They want something that is more personal and attractive. Now, if you already have social media marketing in place, is it working for you? Let’s check if you are doing it the right way. Do you have a target audience? If so, how well-defined is this target audience? Are they local buyers or youngsters? Having a clear target is an indispensable part of social marketing. If you do not have a clear target audience, you ought to target a group. Social Media marketers usually fail on this count because they try to cover every possible social media platform too quickly and without strategy. Do you think you can really manage your account without a strategy in the long run? You don’t have to sign up at too many networks. Stay focused. Choose the ones that can give you the most followers and those that will be interested in your product or service. How will you make the choice? Website Redesign Pros can be of great assistance. That brings us to the next question: How good is your trading tool? Highly authentic trading tools can maximize your profits by simplifying the transaction process. The tool you use should be highly authentic and have a rich history and reviews. If your business is 100% online, then you need Paypal. If it is mobile, then you need a mobile payment system. Get the tools that suit your demographics. 6. Blogs Blogs are an integral part of almost all websites these days. Does your site have one too? If you don’t, it’s time you started. That’s one sure way to stay ahead of others. Now, you may ask how a blog can help boost a website’s productivity. Well, search engines love good blogs and their ratings can change the fate of your website. To make a website lively and conversational, add relevant content and keywords into your blog every two to three days. By the way, Google and MSN would love that. Every new blog entry will only prove one thing: that you pay regular attention to your website with addition of relevant content. This will give your website extra credit. Do remember that search engines know how to detect irrelevant content, which could lead to downgrading of your website. Wondering how to get all of these done? Leave it to Website Redesign Pros. We provide the desired social media services in the best possible way.


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