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Website Redesign and Higher Conversions

Learn from others, but don’t imitate When a visitor on your website turns into a potential buyer, a conversion takes place. The higher the buyers the higher will be the conversions. You can always learn a lot from the conversion rates other Ecommerce platforms have been able to sustain. “But this very important act of learning shouldn’t amount to pure replication of ideas or absolute aping,” says Thomas Abraham, the Founder of Website Redesign Pros. The customer is looking for a new, simple, easy-to-digest user experience all the while. So, the promises, contentions, product portfolio, services, and communication need to produce the desired effect through a presentation that’s nothing but sublime. You can make greater conversions and set a new example by following the principles that are central to your business. And most of the times, these principles can be incorporated only with a timely website redesign. The following principles, enunciated by Website Redesign Pros, can help you make faster conversions: Think of the user experience Before you start studying the behavior of the visitors or customers on your website, think about the user and customer in you. What do you like the most in other Ecommerce platforms? Why do you like it? Have you had a better user experience at any of the Ecommerce websites? Only when you have satisfactory responses to all these questions concerning you, make that extra effort to study the ones visiting your website. Go for simplicity. What if I were to write a highly complex sentence using heavy words that would require you to look into a dictionary? I will certainly lose a potential reader within seconds. The same rule applies to all that you have on your website. Weed out complexities from your website and make it user-friendly. Answer all the queries a customer may have. Look at your website as a user or customer would see it. Don’t take anything for granted. You only have a few seconds or minutes to convince the customer. There shouldn’t be a reason for anyone to leave your website. If you pay 100% attention, the customer will be 100% attentive. Also Read : Website Redesign Report Card of Three Top Brands Make way for easy access to your website On the internet, think global. If you are an Ecommerce website, there’s a definite reason for you to have a global perspective. Think of the global audience that’s going to come to your website. Keep your website accessible at all costs. The volume of your web pages needs to be optimized first. Use of multimedia and other high-bandwidth imagery is unavoidable. Yet, you can use them in the right measure. Or else, there might be a loading or access problem. There shouldn’t be unnecessary usage of bandwidth. Make navigation a hassle-free experience by ensuring that your webpages do not make the user wait.  An inaccessible site will hamper your conversions. Poor performance of your website can also make search engines keep you out of the crawl-and-index process. So, work towards making your website easily accessible. Overcome the browser imperfection Check your website’s cross-browser compatibility. Is your website accessible only through Internet Explorer? Haven’t you factored in the users relying on other browsers? You might be losing out on a great percentage of users just because your website does not have cross-browser functionality. So, put your website through cross-browser testing before you go live. And there’s one more important thing you need to keep in mind, the web traffic coming from mobile users. Cross-browser compatibility can help you meet the demands of mobile users as well. Don’t let the user raise his brows. Make those calls to action How enterprising are you? How do you reach out to your customer? Do you leave anything unsaid, half done? Instead of making the customer scroll down your webpage to make a purchase or addition from your site, give him an easy option to make that choice above the fold. Put it where anyone can see. The customer will make a move only if you reach out. The first move is never the customer’s. So, make a list of the calls to action that you need to make it in the simplest manner. The customer likes a product more if it offers him the promise of personalized care. Be reliable Do you have the FAQs in place? Have you attended to all the queries that the customer may have? Do you have easy-to-refer technical specifications of your products on the website? Do you have market reports that can lend credence to your products and give the customer a better idea of the purchases he is going to make? Do you have specific product categories and a list of free services or solutions you provide? Pay heed to all these essentials and enhance the usability of your website. Transparency and speed in dealings Never trick the customer. You need to deliver on your promises. If there’s some problem with delivering a product on time, make that amply clear. There shouldn’t be any hidden costs. When you put out that price tag, make sure it takes into account all optimal costs related to shipping as well. Transparency is always appreciated. At the same time, make sure that your dealings with the customer are put on the fast track. People resort to online purchases only to save time. So, respect the customers’ time and money. Never put him off by making him go through a tedious process of procurement. Keep those customer registrations simple and to the point. Earn the trust of the customer by showing the relevant certifications and testimonies on your past transactions. Give him a clear picture of the entire transaction process beforehand, so that there’s no room for any grievance later. This is where the content has to be crystal clear. Policy of refunds and product returns You should state your policy of refunds and product returns before a transaction takes place. It will help you as well as the customer. Nothing should be implied. Everything should be stated in the documents of purchase. The customer should get the impression that dealing with you will land him in no trouble even if he has a problem with a product following procurement. Prompt communication This is one of the most vital parts of a business. Always maintain regular email correspondence with the customer. From the date of his first enquiry for a product to the date of receipt of the same, communication should be prompt and regular. If they are satisfied with your service towards the end, they may even turn out to be your ambassadors by spreading the message of your good services among their friends and acquaintances. Now, isn’t that a greater conversion benefit coming from a single customer? So, keep the lines of communication open all the time. Payment gateway Think of all the possible alternatives. The more the options the better it is. Strengthen your identity and brand Tell the customer what makes you stand out in the market. Be the bold competitor and give the customer a wholesome picture of pricing of the products he is interested in. Tell him the rationale behind your pricing and the uniqueness of your products. This is the most important part of any website, and this is where many falter. Make a detailed presentation of your products with a touch of modesty. Make the customer understand the value of your brand and identity. Make him realize that this is the best deal he can get any given day. Website Redesign Pros can help you imbibe the abovementioned principles and make you a success story.


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