By: George

Trello: A planning tool for small businesses

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” – Benjamin Franklin As anyone can make out from the famous quote above, it’s difficult to venture ahead and create anything without clarity in thoughts and action, be it any sphere of activity in our variegated lives. In fact, the very first tell-tale sign of a failure in translating your original idea into a success is the individual inability or collective inability of a team to work on the same intersections of innovation. Much contrary to popular perception, innovation on any given day comes from the ordinary threads of life. All it requires is the piecing together of a grand design with all sides of an idea substantially supported by concurring or even totally conflicting perspectives. That’s what is called being on the same page. After the usual rounds of agreements or disagreements, every idea enters a filtration phase. What works best stays, and what works not is junked. What we eventually create becomes an asset central to our very existence. Sounds ordinary, isn’t it? Ideas are meant to serve as today’s fuel towards the future. And at every step of filtration, validation, and development, we keep racking our brains at the fruitful expedition of an idea under what is perceived to be the best possible practice. That’s when we move over to the next stage of brainstorming, activation, and accomplishments. Now, this stage stands on a delicate territory where the modern day man has plenty of choices, and each of these systems promise a better user experience and smoother workflows through skillful management of project planning, scheduling, and development. What should he opt for? The project management tools he starts to rely on today may not keep up his interest until the day after. This flight of interest to a new set of tools could be purely whimsical, or need-based (for greater efficiency in a project management system). Over the past few years, we, too, have made quite a number of migrations to acquire the best value from well-laid-out workflows. Something changed our habit a little over six months back. We liked the simplicity of a new, easy to work visual interface for our project management. We quickly adapted ourselves to a system of convenience, rendered by Trello, a project management tool/solution suited for those working in individual as well as collaborative environments. What made us shift loyalty? Trello enabled us to simplify our complex, twin structures of ideation and decision-making. The operative environment of Trello is simple and intelligent. It perfectly suits the needs of today’s small scale businesses and even large-scale businesses (to an extent), and what’s more, anyone can use it for any or all of his daily task management. Trello helps you plan the easy way. It’s like having a number of reminders, goals, objectives, ideas, or proposals on a big bulletin board that we can refer to for action on a daily basis. In this case, there is a “board” where you can break down your key objectives/goals or subjects of interest. The board has two subcategories, lists and cards, both of which again help you focus on the tasks at hand with creation of a unique identity, purpose, and targets for every set of action. From storage of new, raw ideas to general listing of actions/goals and formulation of plans/strategies, the boards, lists, and cards can lead you and your team into an adaptive environment where collaboration gives you the advantage of sifting through the noteworthy thought processes, ideas, and opinions of your partners. That’s right. Any idea, plan, goal, process, or insight can be perfectly tuned with the active involvement of trained, creative minds. To us, the Trello tool is that big doodle we draw and redraw every day until we achieve the desired results in a well-optimized process. All of us at Website Redesign Pros are happy to be on the same page at Trello. It helps us overcome challenges and scale new peaks of excellence on any given day. Thank you Trello for staying simple and useful at all times. FireShot-Screen-Capture-#106---'(5)-WRDP-I-Trello'---trello_com_b_KD5mdizt_wrdp
Small businesses that are looking for easy to manage project boards can breathe easy. Trello does not have any complexity and it can help you visualize the demand and supply chain of your business, or any issue for that matter, in the simplest ways. The system is intuitive and intelligent only because it’s a sheer reflection of your own reasoning and troubleshooting abilities, both in times of peace and escalation. We do wish that they had resource management solutions as well. But we leave that up to them. They certainly know what they are doing, so we are sure it (resource management) will be there soon.


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