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The flexibility and uniformity of Responsive Web Design

When the content of a website resizes itself to fit the viewport, it’s called a responsive ability. Responsive websites look the same on desktop monitors, tablets, notebooks, and mobile phones. The website of New York-based ace digital agency Website Redesign Pros ( is a case in point. It looks the same on all kinds of devices. So, what brought about this smart fit? The PC era seems to be rapidly coming to an end, with the sales of tablets, notebooks, and Smartphones making waves in the billions. This change in consumerism has been causing a great demand for uniformity and flexibility in access of websites. So, how’s responsive design the perfect solution? With the use of flexible and fluid grid images through media queries, features such as the width, height, and color of a website can be tailored to the needs of a wide range of output devices. It means less scrolling, resizing, and panning. And there’s no need for you to change the content. Even if you minimize the browser, the website will automatically shrink itself to the size of the window screen you have before you. Put it simply, responsive web design brings about flexibility to the images and layouts of a website.

The benefits of Responsive Web Design:

1.With more and more websites now taking to the hot trend of responsive design, users will no more have to face the predicament of being redirected to an app that can make wholesome view of a website possible.

2.It enables access through all browsers

3.Uniform, consistent experience across all devices

4.It reduces the multitude of costs brought on by the creation of different websites for different devices

5.Keep making new additions to the content once your website turns responsive

6.It makes use of the newest tools in web programming

7.It can bring about SEO improvements. How? Responsive websites use a single URL and deliver the same HTML/CSS to all users and devices. Google recommends responsive design since its algorithms work better with a single URL. In fact, the search engine has been recommending that mobile websites be built using responsive design. Single URLs will also make crawling easier and efficient.


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