By: Sanjeev N

The Brick and Mortar of Website Redesign

A multi-dwelling unit (MDU) is of no use if it doesn’t serve the purpose of good living. Your website, too, is an MDU in one sense. For, it’s not just you and your loved ones making a living off your website. Your website’s users too can live off its benefits. If a website isn’t serving the quintessential needs of the dwellers, there’s something wrong with the whole design. Wait! We are not asking you to raze it down right away. Convince yourself first that you are in need of a redesigned dwelling unit. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to put your heart into the whole endeavor. Start your evaluation with an expert in the field holding a proven record of redesigning such MDUs in the web world. Don’t know where to start? Worry not. You can trust the craft of New York-based creative digital agency Website Redesign Pros. What we do is simple. We’ll follow the brick-and-mortar strategy with a little extra care for the exigencies of business on the internet. We have broken down the whole process into simple nuggets of information that can be stored into your memory quite easily.

Eleven building blocks of your website 1.  Deconstruct your web reality We’ll help you deconstruct the reality of your business. We’ll use web tools to analyze the fundamentals first: the web traffic, leads, customer behavior, and the flaws within the designs or content. This is a process where you have to engage yourself with us to let us know more as to why you did a certain thing on your website.

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2. Client specifications and budget By now, you would know what your website lacks in. A redesign is a sure winner. It can help you make a mighty comeback in business. Don’t worry about the budget. The good thing about Website Redesign Pros is that we are affordable, and we have the creativity and expertise to help out fledgling internet ventures as well as existing players. We are dependable craftsmen when it comes to website redesign, as we always respect the specifications of our clients.

3.  Building the foundation Our assembly line is always ready. Now, before we get on with the job, we would like to know one essential thing. What kind of a website are you looking at? Are you aware of the current web trends? If you are, then you would know the benefits of Responsive Web Design, its cross-browser compatibility, and the positives of easy reception and uniform experience on mobile handsets, tablets, notebooks, and desktops. A fluid and flexible design is the in-thing. Even Google is a big advocate of Responsive Web Design. With a responsive design, you wouldn’t have to bother about being indexed by the search engines. Besides, today, there aren’t many people who have adapted this latest trend. Be among the first movers. So, once this part is decided, we can go ahead with the sketching of an all-new website. We’ll create a sketch and accommodate all the elements required to script an online success story. By the way, our sketches will factor in all services being offered at brick and mortar stores, right from sales assistants to product displays and customer care, as well as the key features and functionalities of successful websites.

4. Putting the raw materials in place The philosophy, strategy, and game plan of your company are the raw materials for valuable website content. Each of these raw materials need to command respect and admiration, or else, the content will appear feeble. This is where we can be great image-builders. We know what it takes to erect a strong façade on the web, with lucid content! Heard of landing pages? That’s one other way we can entice visitors.

5.  Make space for ample ventilation User-friendly information is as good as proper ventilation. Make room for free flow and exchange of ideas. Be a turn-on. If you post a lot of gibberish, websites with better content will wean away your visitors. Make the language simple and post crispy write-ups. It will give the webpage enough breathing space to lay great designs. If you fail to do this, your page will look cluttered and ugly.

6. Be visually appealing The first thing that a visitor notices is an image. So, get that attention-grabbing photo or image that will help you engage the user in split seconds. Supplement that effort with some more catchy photos/images and videos.

7. Warm reception at a website On the internet, you don’t have the luxury of having a smooth-talking receptionist who can guide a visitor through various portals of your website. Yet, there’s an equally sound alternative: landing pages. This can be the most instrumental tool in your stockpile. A pleasing landing page can seal the deal for you with prospective customers. This is one area where Website Redesign Pros can give you a cool makeover.

8. Brand identity The London Underground logo represents the great underbelly of Britain’s fastest city. Your website should have a logo that blends well with your company’s ethos or a city or nation’s cycle of life. Based on a make-believe philosophy, the logo shouldn’t come across as a forced insertion into any part of the home page. It requires proper positioning. It could even be the element that defines your brand’s existence. Make good use of colors in a logo. Use bright colors for a retentive memory. Well, it’s worked for McDonalds. Their logo is simply stimulating and reminds one of their scrumptious burgers. Bon appétit! That’s the way to go. As inviting as the candies! Let your logo speak out to your customers. If you are a toy-selling store, think like a child. Show the candies. The children won’t miss it.

9. Content Management System Once a brick-and-mortar structure is ready, it’s time to think of house maintenance. Get that organized look with an easy-to-manage, easy-to-modify, easy-to-update Content Management System (CMS). It should be a CMS you can operate all by yourself. You need not be a developer or a designer to operate it. Website Redesign Pros can create an easy-to-maintain CMS that will save your time, money, and efforts.

10. Sell Online Everything on the web is instant. Making things available immediately, the easy way, is not possible without a good Ecommerce model. So, why not have one if you need it? Website Redesign Pros can boost your sales and take your business to the next level by providing the perfect ecommerce solutions.

11. The social network and the SEO Now, that your web redesign process is almost complete, you need to concentrate on just one more area: the social circuit. It’s not just about improving your social standing, but also about reaching out to more people in the neighborhood and beyond. Everyone is connected to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter today. Their combined user strength is in the billions as of today. Make a social investment by giving wings to the myriad hopes of these users. It’s tough to win them over, but then good campaigns can turn the tide in your favor. Again, your activities on the social networks need to comply with the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) guidelines. Otherwise, it will be a complete waste of time. If you respect the word and live up to the SEO expectations, then success is assured. Entrust Website Redesign Pros with the task of placing you ahead of the competition. We’ll do what’s best for you.


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