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Optimal time for mobile-optimized websites

The world is witnessing a paradigm shift in terms of digital media fragmentation. More and more people are taking the mobile route to the internet. This paradigm shift in people’s behavior is being powered by the provision of various kinds of apps on the mobile by the global technology heavyweights. And this fresh story of easy connectivity doesn’t end there. Two more significant movements are afoot to empower the mobile user. The first is the rush among technology giants to provide the consumer with easy access to open source mobile operating systems. This movement might change the entire web equation in the long run, with shrinkage in the monopoly of the closed web ecosystems. Though it may not happen in the immediate future, the signs are there for all to see. Look at Mozilla’s Firefox OS for instance. The second movement is that of the mobile-optimized websites. And this is where responsive web design is the key to make the transition. Responsive websites look the same in all kinds of viewports, from the desktops to tablets, phablets, and notebooks to Smartphones. If you too want to make this transition for the benefit of your company, just call New York-based creative digital agency Website Redesign Pros. We will provide you the best responsive website at affordable rates. What makes us think that mobile web users will be a major source of business in the near future? Well, the statistics say so. According to comScore, an Internet analytics company, America has entered a brave new digital age, with Smartphone users surpassing the 125 million mark and tablet users crossing the 50 million mark. “Media companies have new opportunities to monetize incremental consumption activity while marketers have the ability to optimize campaigns for maximum effectiveness across multiple channels. Now is the time for businesses to get smarter about how their audiences are behaving in this multi-platform world,” says comScore in its “Mobile Future in Focus” report for 2013. The report says that “more than 1 in 3 minutes (37 percent) is now spent beyond the PC”. Given below is a chart on the Smartphone and tablet users’ behavior:

Sent text message to another phone 90.5% Accessed search 73.9%
Took photos 83.4% Used email 73.6%
Used email 77.8% Accessed social networking 67.5%
Accessed weather 67.1% Played games 66.3%
Accessed social networking 65.3% Accessed weather 64.6%
Accessed search 58.7% Accessed news 58.8%
Played games 52.9% Accessed photo/video sharing site 51.5%
Accessed maps 51.2% Read books 51.2%
Accessed news 49.2% Watched video 50.9%
Listened to music on mobile phone 48.0% Accessed retail 49.8%

Now, if you only have a standard website today, it’s time for you to do a quick rethink and tap into the mobile market potential. You wouldn’t want the mobile user to take a detour and download an app to view your website. You only stand to gain if you use responsive web design to your benefit and get that mobile-optimized website at the earliest. There aren’t many business players who have mobile-optimized websites as of today. Be the early riser. Get moving. Reinforce your SEO By going the mobile way, you can make your mark in all the mobile and local directories. Besides, it will improve your rankings on mobile-friendly sites like Google and Yahoo. Connects offline media to your site Ever heard of QR Codes? QR Codes bridge the gap between online and offline media. These are displayed on brochures, advertisements, posters, and even billboards. When they are scanned by a Smartphone, it gets translated into a website URL, an email address, or SMS message. The users get connected to mobile landing pages that contain much more information and interactivity than can be afforded on the printed page. This can add a new facet to your communication and advertising efforts. Thinking of going mobile now? Allow Website Redesign Pros to jumpstart your mobile website efforts. We create customized mobile sites. We can help you on the mobile advertising front as well, enabling you to move onto a whole new level of business engagement.


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