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Making head and tail of conversions

This one’s for the newbie on the web. New York-based creative digital agency Website Redesign Pros receives a lot of web clients who are fairly new to the business dynamics on the internet. So, we thought we could save some valuable time for more useful, serious dialogues with our clients by making them aware of some of the most obvious things on the web through this blog post. The basic idea is to help them improve their websites’ performance in terms of conversions, bounce rates, and social acceptance. In this blog post, we restrict ourselves to the benefits of Google Analytics. Irrespective of the size of an enterprise, you need to have the knowhow to make best use of free web analytic tools and make your website a great success. Otherwise, your business will just be driven by experience and intuition. There’s nothing wrong with these two attributes. It’s just that you can make some technological value additions to your strategic business planning. Don’t look frazzled just because you have been able to make only a few conversions that can be counted on the fingers. Analytical assistance is at your doorstep. Bank on Google Analytics. Even if you are not a tech-savvy person, you will understand how this web analytics tool is going to help you make improvements in business. If you are still doubtful of making the analysis all by yourself, count on us. Website Redesign Pros will help you use Google Analytics to serve you the best way. Rely on Google Analytics It is a free tracking and analysis service with tools such as content analytics, mobile analytics, conversion suite, social reports, and advertising analytics. You just have to sign up at Google Analytics and feed its tracking code into each page of your website. It can give you customized, real-time reports and help you understand the visitors’ traffic in each webpage and the website on the whole. It can help you change your strategies with an eye on search engine optimization. For more specifics, let’s get down to the tools. Content analytics Content experiments: This will enable you to create multiple versions of your webpage and see which particular version posts best performance in terms of visits and conversions. Site search reporting: In case you want to know about the searches a visitor makes on your website, get site search reports and cater to the needs thrown up by frequently made searches. In-page analytics: This will help you keep track of the movements made by a visitor on your website. Site speed analytics: Is there some loading problem with any of your webpages? You can know the loading speed of your webpages with this tool. Event tracking: It’s always better to know what the visitors are clicking or downloading from your website. This tool will help you make more improvements. Adsense program: You can import Adsense data to make better displays of your ads in the most noticeable location on your website. Mobile Analytics Mobile app analytics: Do you know how many mobile users are accessing your website? Do you know what all apps are being discovered and downloaded on your site? This tool helps you do just that. Know the users’ devices: Mobile analytics can help you understand the devices and operating systems being used by users to access your site, the app on your site, or your social media page. This will enable you to market your brand on various kinds of viewports the best possible way. Mobile ads: It’s wise to have a mobile version of your website. Google Mobile ads can help you increase sales (both online and offline) and downloads, and also establish a steady connect with users on the move. Conversion suite By studying various metrics, Ecommerce reports, marketing campaign performance through multi-channel funnels, visitor flow charts, results of your objectives and goals, and understanding each process leading up to the final conversion, you can improve your website’s potential. Social reports Don’t you want to know the impact of social media on your website’s conversion rates? Don’t you want to identify the groups that are coming to your website? Don’t you want to know who’s sharing what from your website and with whom? Google Analytics’ social reports will assist you in making the right social makeover. Advertising analytics From search engine marketing, remarketing, display advertising, and mobile campaigns to advertising on multiple digital channels, this tool helps you size up your website’s outreach efforts. For a more clear understanding of Google Analytics, please go to


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