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Internet Week NY: Take a peek into the new trends!

The 2013 edition of Internet Week New York has come to a close. Now, it’s time for a retrospective piece. This isn’t actually meant for those privileged people who have had the fortune to attend the annual jamboree. It’s strictly meant for those who couldn’t. Being the Warbler, I am only going to warble about the trends that will take us into a more dazzling future. After all, it’s not just about the people who are leading the digital revolution. It’s about the innermost craving to be fundamentally strong with a progressive agenda for a world of equals. Yes, there have been all kinds of business and technological symposiums at this event, and I had a great time educating myself at this technological intersection by winging from one event to the other. Of course, I couldn’t have attended all the events at the same time, so I relied on my good friends for a peek into the sessions I had missed, through their experiences. However, if I were to tell you what happened at each of these sessions, I would have to start a whole new blog of my own on the Internet Week itself. Instead of that, I thought I would share with you a few good thoughts that emerged from this edition of internet week to fuel your imagination in manifold ways. And I’ll also tell you a few things about our collective enterprise towards raising a new breed of entrepreneurs, innovators, startups, better technologists, and web professionals.

Issues taken into account in the interim
Going vocal about being local:
Localization is still the enchanting flavor of the internet market. But there are a large number of players who, despite having the creative energies to usher us into a whole new world of innovative technologies and business models, have ended up on the fringes of the internet market. Reason: they do not have deep pockets to finance their creative urges. Organizers of the Internet Week paid adequate attention to people faced with this kind of a dilemma by holding numerous exhaustive sessions on the ways and means to raise funds and fuel the urge to innovate and explore new business models. Moderators and speakers came up with multiple messages on how technology could be leveraged to build local economies.
Social media remains the scene of action: There are a million ways to click with those in the social circles. Yet, there are a million ways to lose contact or fail in making an influential buzz. That’s what makes the social circuit a veritable playground of the digital marketers. Still, there are a few things over which they are yet to gain mastery. For instance, a large number of digital marketers today need to understand the correlation between the social media, big conversions, and web traffic and conversion analytical tools. It is for the benefit of such people that the organizers and participants of the Internet Week held some guidance workshops, helping them trek through the terrain of social media with the analytics toolkit. There were episodic learning sessions on Google Analytics for those who are still learning the ropes to make a brand expansion through online tools.
Signs of a new data-driven culture: Many symposiums romped home one basic truth again and again that if you do not have a smart data migration platform, your business intelligence and enterprise may come to a naught. In pursuit of a smart data-driven culture, the organizers and participants shared their perspectives and the lessons learned while making a shift from multiple cluster MySQL and Solr infrastructure to a new multi-master Cassandra and ElasticSearch-based data storage system. If some speakers foresee the arrival of the small data age, with newer data streams changing the tech business equation, there were many others talking about maximizing the cloud advantage through closure of the gap between humanity and data with a better comprehension of the implications of data, algorithms, high-speed mobility, and technological progress.
Branding newer approaches: In what’s considered to be a rare occasion, the Internet Week turned into a powerful congregation of thought leaders, technologists, geeks, and creative people that deliberated upon the growing need for branding newer approach roads and ecosystems through out of the box entrepreneurial thinking, resourceful use of the social media, and application of technology in order to blast radically different ideas into new pathways of build, launch, and grow platforms.
Stemming the social media’s negative growth: The social media is badly impacting the new generation. Participants talked extensively on how social networking platforms are spawning a new crop of infidels and fuelling exploitation of vulnerable people. People said there is an urgent need to scale up internet’s ability to foster altruism in every community of users.
Classroom session: Participants talked about the basic structure of new economy companies, giving newcomers in the economic arena a chance to learn the fundamental truths about wise (technological) investments and the rare and few revolutionary company concepts and strategies.
Digital orientation for small players: People running small businesses had the occasion to learn about the efficacy of digital marketing tools. They were given orientation lessons on how digital marketing could change the potential of their businesses in an upscale mode.
Digital disruption and women: Every streak of innovation has the power and capacity to disrupt an existing market and create a new value chain. And here, every industry leader agreed in unison that women are playing a greater role in this age of digital disruption. Yet, participants called for more liberal mindsets in the industry to enable the participation of more and more women in the oft-renewing efforts towards digital innovation.
Digital marketing bloc: Chief marketing officers and chief information officers of many tech and media companies joined hands at the Internet Week and discussed the need to build more effective, efficient organizations through a perfect mix of marketing and technology ideas and strategies.
Community-driven innovation: Participants said that there is a great need to repurpose the goals of online networks and offline communities, helping them respond to new opportunities and problems through capacity, advocacy, and charity.
Youth empowerment: Participants focused on the problem of youth empowerment, saying that there should be better technology education platforms for empowerment of underserved youth to make greater value additions to the industry.
We now come to a stop. We could write about many more things. But the ideas given above make a good starting point to arrive at the more intricate patterns of the digital revolution. We’ll keep you updated on the trends. For now, au revoir!


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