By: Sanjeev N

Email marketing made easy

Email marketing is a powerful medium to reach out to prospective customers. But it isn’t as easy as it sounds since cheap tricks don’t work anymore. Strategize and build your character first to make yourself ready to take on this medium. Here’s a simple list of essentials you need to bear in mind before you start your email marketing campaign.

1. Be kind to visitors on your site

Make the visitor comfortable with the right kind of communication on your website. Make him share his personal details with you the easy way. It shouldn’t seem like a tedious exercise. Ask for simple details. Tell the visitor that you want to surprise him on his birthday or anniversary. Make it a simple sign-in for him to join any of your groups. Short introductions are sweet introductions.

2. State the honesty of your intent

The visitor needs a strong reason to enter into a relationship with you. So, be forthcoming. Think of the things that you think will make the visitor the bigger beneficiary in a relationship with you. Once you have those relevant propositions in place, share them with the visitor with utmost humility. Tell him about the nature of the information you are going to mail him. The information you share better be of some use to the visitor. Personalize all of your products in such a way that the visitor finds himself empowered, not overpowered. Make him subscribe to your regular mails or newsletter of his own volition. It shouldn’t look like a force-fed campaign being made in desperation.

3. Thank the visitor for the alliance

It’s always good to be considerate. Once a visitor turns into a buyer, you should immediately thank him for reposing confidence and faith in your company and products. Send him a mail, welcoming him to your community. Tell him that you’ll always make that extra effort to serve him well. Promise him that some goodies are on his way. Get those special vouchers and coupons ready. If you make him feel special, he’ll be loyal to you.

Now that you are ready to kick-start your email campaign, we’ll tell you about a few more things that will help you in the short, mid, and long term.

1. Your email campaign should reflect your brand’s philosophy. Give special care to the logo and the colors that will define your company’s look. Most importantly, the email content should make the reader feel that he is in a familiar territory. The language should be simple and down to earth. Always double-check the email content for errors. Erroneous or poorly drafted mails create a bad impression. So, make sure you have a second and third pair of eyes to check the content and its presentation style before you send it out to the customer.

2. Every story has a lead and transitions. So, be sure that you get the most important things on the top half of your email. At the same time, as you make transitions and move on to the finer aspects of your company or product line-up, make it an easy read with good headlines and images. Make it a fun and play affair. No one likes to read heavy literature in their emails. And above all, get those rib-ticklers or teasers right on the subject line. Make the reader go for it.

3. Post only relevant content to your subscriber. Send him only things that he has signed up for. That’s where a calendar comes in handy. The reader can simply look up the calendar and subscribe to the things he wants.

4. Always be regular with your campaigns. The customer shouldn’t lose touch. Keep him engaged.

5. Be mobile-friendly. If you are able to reach out to 125 million Smartphone and 50 million tablet users, what else do you need? Three-quarters of Smartphone users check their mail regularly.

6. Always tell your customer that you have been sending him mails only upon his request. And provide an unsubscribe link in every mail just to show that you are being fair to him. Also, make no mistake of sending out mails to people who are not on your subscription list.

7. People love to share anything they like these days. So, make your content lovable and provide the reader the social media page links he can use for content-sharing.

8. Always keep track of reports that can help you understand the open and click rates. It will help you understand why a certain campaign may not be working in your favor.

9. Always make your reader feel that he is a part of your company. If he starts believing that, half your job is done.

10. Pay attention to those customer feedbacks. Tell the customer that you are willing to put his suggestions into practice. That will change the tone of your relationship for good.

11. Make one call to action. Too many things will only confuse the customer. Focus only on the issue at hand. There’s no need to look beyond.



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