By: George

Crash-landing alert: Only good landing pages last!

All your website goodies in the internet medium will jostle for space and topple over each other if you do not have a good business flight plan. Instead of making a blind adventure into the heartlands of consumerism with a disorganized portfolio, why not make a safe landing with a good landing page? What’s a landing page? It’s the page you are often guided to by a search engine result or ad click. It’s called a landing page because that will give the user the first impression of the goods and services you represent. The basic idea behind a landing page is to extend the first few seconds of engagement with the user into a couple of more minutes. In effect, this is an opportunity to turn a user’s visit to your website into a workable business lead or direct conversion through a prospective sale/purchase, download, registration, or some other similar activity.

If you are in the process of making a landing page, then do pay attention to Google’s Quality Score, which is basically an estimate of the relevance of your ads, keywords, and landing page to a visitor. So, you need to understand landing page optimization as well to make sure you score well on Google.

Keep it short and focused

Your visitors are likely to get confused if you have too much stuff on the platter with nothing to satisfy his palate. So, get a grip on the landing page with the following mantras:

1.Give a powerful headline.

2.Give a smart break-up of your company’s product portfolio and services. Mention the benefits you bring to the customer. Keep it crisp, simple, and to the point.

3.Make a clear call to action.

4.Put up a small logo that stands out.

5.Most importantly, pay attention to the lead in your story. Don’t bury the lead below the fold.

One call to action

Your call to action is the focal point of your landing page. But have just one call to action. If you ask for five different things, you are sure to lose them (visitors).

Show, don’t tell

Make it a point to show visitors why they can trust you. Telling them doesn’t do much. Provide them the product reviews. It’s also good to have expert endorsements, and a before and after snapshot to prove your worth.

Don’t scare them

Don’t scare the visitor by asking for a bunch of details. Stay away from long forms. People get tired filling them out and it may make them click the back button, which is the last thing you want. And don’t ask for sensitive details like the social security number or credit card number. Just get their name and email. You can get the other details later.

Test it

Always test whatever you do before going live. You should be able to know if the investment of your time and resources are worth it. Google Website Optimizer is a great tool to test the important parts of your landing pages or any content of your site. You can increase conversions by listening to your visitors. Don’t know what they are expecting from you? Just call us in. New York-based creative digital agency Website Redesign Pros knows the path to greater conversions. We have expertise in website development, redevelopment, redesign, marketing and branding, and creation of social media pages and web applications. We know how to land you in the midst of great opportunities.


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