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America’s own SkySaver solution

client_saysThe embers of the 9/11 tragedy are still flickering in the American psyche. The horrific images of people jumping from the twin towers remain etched in the memory like a festering wound. In the face of the unthinkable disaster, many daring sentinels of New York City made brave efforts to save lives. Yet, within minutes, all was lost. Today, life is moving at a guarded pace, and the sentinels of rescue and relief missions are ready to take on the unthinkable. America can bank on SkySaver today. And what makes this American company different is the importance it gives to outreach through the digital media. In an interview with New York-based creative digital agency Website Redesign Pros, SkySaver’s CEO and Counter-Terrorism Adviser Lou Krupkin tells us about his company, the challenges of the internet economy, and the need to stand out with timely website redesign. Excerpts from the interview:

The Genesis of SkySaver

“The idea of SkySaver came out of the tragedy of 9/11. 9/11 was another day to go down in infamy as a disaster among the highest proportions. Even 11 years ago, instant access to the media provided every citizen with the capability of seeing firsthand what was happening. Millions of people witnessed on live TV, the planes strikes, explosions, and the burning Twin Towers. Millions of people saw individuals choosing to jump out of the buildings rather than burn, and everyone could imagine the individuals who chose to stay knowing their fate. The concept of SkySaver is to empower the individual with the capability to rescue oneself when there is no other viable way out of a building during a disaster,” says Lou.

Our employees “Our employees are unique. Everyone in the SkySaver team understands how we are not just developing and selling a product. We are genuinely concerned about the human factor. We understand that we are all about helping individuals and companies in staying safe. We are also not limited to one product, because one product in this classification may not be the right solution for each disaster or emergency. Instead, we are working with a multitude of world class evacuation rescue products. We are able to take an honest consultative approach to recommend the solution and right product,” says Lou.

SkySaver and the internet medium Lou says, “The Internet has changed the business parameters. We are able to get the word out about SkySaver through the social media. It is easy to provide individuals and companies with our website. It helps them search and find information about our company and the products and technology that we focus on.” The provocation to redesign SkySaver website

“SkySaver decided to redesign its website for several reasons. As we continue to research and improve our product and technology, we need to get the information out as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our website was designed during our initial stage. In today’s world, everything changes so rapidly and we, as an innovative company, need to keep up with change. SkySaver has decided to enhance the value of its website in tune with our innovative approach,” says the CEO of SkySaver. The fruits of website redesign

“There is only one opportunity for a first impression and that first impression has to be uncompromisingly impressive,” says Lou.

The road ahead

Lou says, “SkySaver is researching and looking at many innovative ideas for marketing. Our team of individuals has come up with some amazing concepts, and although some of the concepts are creative and a great fit, others are creative but not the best fit for our company at this stage. We intend to continue to be innovative with our ideas.” The alliance with Website Redesign Pros

“So far, we have had a tremendous feedback regarding our new web design and we look forward to that continued positive feedback,” says Lou, touching upon the positives emerging out of an alliance with Website Redesign Pros, which redesigned SkySaver’s website. The internet economy is compelling

“The internet is the current way of doing business. Companies that are not yet taking advantage of the internet are not keeping up with change. Those companies that have any questions about whether or not they should be embarrassing internet and other new innovative technologies and are not ready to adapt to change, should ask the dinosaurs how that lack of adaptation worked out for them,” says Lou. Internet regulation “This is a very personal question. Although I am not a fan of big government, there is a place for some government control over the internet.  This control should be, of course, for security issues, issues of threat and legalities,” remarks Lou. Challenges in the internet market

“Security, security, security, and legitimate legal use of the internet.” Why should you consider web redesign?

Lou says, “Ask people you know or meet to take a look at your website and provide you with honest feedback about your website. Ask a 5th grader to look at your website and explain to you what your company does and what the company is about. We did and that is why we decided to redesign our site.”

Oath of innovation

“We want our customers and potential customers to understand that SkySaver is an innovative company that will do things differently even if there are competitive companies out there. We do everything out of concern for the safety and security of humanity. We want our customers and people discovering our company to understand that we are passionate about developing, manufacturing, and recommending the best product and solution. My background in counter-terrorism teaches us that our adversary can continue to make mistakes many times, because eventually they may succeed. We as the “good guys” cannot make a mistake even once. This is why SkySaver will not compromise on anything quality-related. We understand that although our product is designed as a last resort to help you rescue yourself, we have to know that it will work flawlessly each and every time. We are all about saving lives, and I firmly believe in an expression that comes from a higher source: ‘if you save even a single life, it is as though you save an entire world’,” says Lou.

A treasurable alliance!

SkySaver USA is at the forefront of innovation, with its leadership using the right internet applications to introduce life-saving products into the American market. Website Redesign Pros is confident that SkySaver USA will win over Americans with their easy-to-follow rescue products and strategies. We are honored to work with such a socially committed company. We want to continue this relationship by helping SkySaver USA make use of internet solutions at the optimum levels.


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