By: Sanjeev N

10 Ways Website Redesign Will Profit Your Business

It’s the age of social and digital disruption, but a phenomenally high number of small businesses still do not have websites. And a majority of businesses that do have websites are lost in the decade of templates. By now they must have realized that template websites, disorganized content and muddled campaigns on social media will get them nowhere. So, what’s the ultimate solution for such businesses? All they need is a simple, all-inclusive website redesign. Now that we are talking of a bail-out, let’s just tell you 10 ways of profiting from a website redesign to inject digital confidence into your small business.

Profit #1: Get ‘AMP-ed’ up with Google

Let’s begin with Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), the latest iteration of mobile-friendly design. To start with, AMP isn’t something that will work on a template website. Think big. Get out of the template mindset. If you want to take advantage of this open source technology, which enables websites to load their pages quickly for smartphone users and ranks them higher on Google’s mobile search engine results pages (SERPs), you should either have a well-designed responsive website or a speedy mobile website. Going the responsive web design way or having a mobile version of your desktop website is no more a matter of choice. It has become a technological standard of the day. So, the best way ahead is to get ‘AMP-ed’ up at the earliest and figure right on top of the mobile SERPs.

Profit #2: Score high on search engines with qualitative unique content.

Website redesign cannot be restricted to mere design. It’s all about information architecture as well. If you pay attention to serving qualitative, unique and informative content to your visitors by making your website user-friendly, you stand to gain immense trust not just from user communities, but also from the search engines. Google is always looking for original quality content and its spider ensures to crawl through good content whenever it is added to your website or shared by users.

Profit #3: Get maximum exposure to your business by going responsive.

With desktop usage shrinking in favor of mobile users, it’s become increasingly important for businesses to have a responsive website. Responsive web design enables your site to resize itself to any kind of screen size, from smartphones and tablets to desktops. Easy navigation and convenient browsing will help you register consistent traffic to your website, and if you have everything else going well on the website, you can look forward to repeat visitors and customers making conversions.

Profit #4: You can look for more clicks on your website.

As I said earlier, website redesign encapsulates every aspect of online business that could bring you big conversions and a wider reach in the community. More website traffic would mean more clicks from visitors, and for that, you once again need to focus on content and its accelerating instrument, SEO. An important part of this SEO campaign is Pay Per Clicks (PPC), a web-based ad campaign that works on the basis of keywords. This campaign will help you determine your user demographics and gain more exposure in the market. The trick to win a big audience through PPCs lies in optimizing target keywords for your qualitative products and services.

Profit #5: Dish out a well-refined user experience.

Your website may have the best of designs, but it would be of no benefit to you if the user experience adds up to nothing. Search engines prefer websites that know how to humanize content, design and functionalities in a simplified manner. If there’s anything on your website that looks complex or works out in a tedious way, that will only lead to high bounce rates and a bad user experience. Your website should be simple and intelligible for users.

Profit #6: Get talked about in social media.

If you have awesome content, then make sure you have devised easy ways for users to discover and share the content on social media. Likes, tweets and pin-ups will make you the most talked about business if you know how to engage with your audience on a consistent basis.

Profit #7: Room for more customers.

Cramped rooms can suffocate your customers. So, once you start getting more conversions on your website, you should consider moving your site to a better server that can accommodate a sudden increase in traffic. If you fail to do that, your server will crash and you’ll be left with nothing but embarrassment and loss. Therefore, just as you do with your digital marketing campaigns, it’s important to have ample space on the server to host as many customers as you want.

Profit #8: The faster your site loads the faster its reputation grows.

Another advantage of a server with capacity to accommodate a high number of customers is that it will have the requisite bandwidth to ensure faster loading of your website. Now, what’s there to complain when customers’ actions happen without any hiccups?

Profit #9: Hack-proof customer experience.

HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) is a critical component of your website security framework. Once your website has SSL security (the security technology required to establish an encrypted link between a web server and a browser), no hacker can de-encrypt the data you send from your domain to your users’ screens. What’s more, Google will give you points for having an SSL certificate.

Profit #10: More conversions.

If your website has all of the above advantages, there’s no reason to doubt that your business will make it big in conversions (sales) sooner than later.

Website redesign is not a cosmetic makeover. It helps your business website grow the way you have dreamt it (maybe even better).


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